Airlines Tracked

Currently we track and look for travel deals for the airlines listed below. We are working on adding additional airlines.
Airlines tracked:
Air India
Qatar Airways
Turkish Airlines
United and Air Canada
United and Lufthansa
United and Air India
Air Canada
Austrian and Air India
Turkish Airlines and IndiGo
United and SWISS
Royal Jordanian
Air France
American and British Airways
Cathay Pacific
SWISS United
Qatar Airways and IndiGo
Norwegian Air UK and easyJet
Aer Lingus
Norwegian and easyJet
Delta and Air France
Air France Delta
Air Canada United and Lufthansa
Air France Delta and Virgin Atlantic
Alaska and Hainan
American and JAL
China Eastern
Alaska and Delta
Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon
JetBlue and Hainan
United and ANA
United and Hainan
Lufthansa and Air China
Norwegian Air UK
British Airways
American and Aer Lingus
Tap Air Portugal
Norwegian Air International
American British Airways and Iberia
SAS and Lufthansa
LOT and Lufthansa
Air Canada and Lufthansa
United Lufthansa
Norwegian Air International and easyJet
Lufthansa United
Frontier Volaris
Sun Country Airlines
United and Cathay Pacific
Korean Air
JAL American
ANA United Operated by Air Japan
Hainan and Hong Kong Airlines
Alaska and Cathay Pacific
JAL and Cathay Pacific
American and Cathay Pacific
SWISS and Cathay Pacific
ANA and Cathay Pacific
United and Cathay Dragon
Alaska and Singapore Airlines
Lufthansa and Cathay Pacific
Air Canada United
United and Shanghai Airlines
China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines
Hainan and Lucky Air
Air Canada and ANA
Lufthansa and ANA
JetBlue and Emirates
Delta and Alitalia
United and Vistara
Alaska and American
Asiana and Korean Air
ANA and Garuda Indonesia
Alaska and United
Air Canada and China Eastern
EVA Air and Shanghai Airlines
United and Brussels Airlines
Norwegian Air UK and Norwegian Air International
JetBlue and Iberia
American and Iberia
British Airways American and Iberia
Delta and KLM
KLM Delta
Delta and WestJet
Frontier and Volaris
Delta and Aeromexico
Aeromexico Delta
Volaris Frontier
EVA Air and China Airlines
Korean Air and Delta
ANA United
United Air Canada
American and Qantas
Air New Zealand
ANA Operated by Air Japan
and Frontier
United and British Airways
JetBlue and Tap Air Portugal
British Airways Iberia and American
Iberia American and Finnair
Air Italy
Kuwait Airways
China Southern
Air China
Virgin Atlantic
Ukraine International
Azerbaijan Airlines
Kenya Airways
Delta and Virgin Atlantic
Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa
Brussels Airlines
XL Airways
Royal Air Maroc
Virgin Atlantic and Air France
British Airways and Vueling
KLM and Air France
United and Air China
Cathay Pacific and Air China
Finnair American
United Austrian and Lufthansa
Virgin Atlantic Delta
Norwegian Operated by Norwegian
Singapore Airlines
SWISS and Lufthansa
Thomas Cook Airlines and easyJet
Thomas Cook Airlines and Lufthansa
Tap Air Portugal and Lufthansa
British Airways American
Delta Aeromexico
Aeromexico and VivaAerobus
Philippine Airlines
China Airlines
Air China and Cathay Dragon
JetBlue and Cathay Pacific
Cathay Pacific American
Cathay Pacific and JAL
Austrian and ANA
Air Europa
Virgin Atlantic and British Airways
Air France and Alitalia
Delta and Air India
United and Garuda Indonesia
JetBlue and Hawaiian
Alaska and Hawaiian
Level and Vueling
Norwegian Air International and Norwegian Air International
Norwegian and Norwegian
Aer Lingus United
Air France and KLM
Delta Air France and KLM
WestJet Delta
Delta and Virgin Australia
United and Delta
Iberia and Vueling
Alaska and Emirates
American and Air Tahiti Nui
Alaska and Air Tahiti Nui
Hong Kong Airlines
Air Canada and Air China
American British Airways
Aer Lingus and British Airways
Alaska and Condor
WestJet and Condor
JetBlue and Singapore Airlines
United and Asiana
United and EVA Air
EVA Air and Cathay Pacific
Singapore Airlines and Scoot
Hawaiian and JAL
Alaska and JAL
Alaska and American JAL
Thomas Cook Airlines and Flybe
Lufthansa and Air Dolomiti
United and Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines and Silkair
Singapore Airlines and Garuda Indonesia
Norwegian and Norwegian Air International
Air Canada Lufthansa
Delta and KLM Air France
KLM Delta and Virgin Atlantic
United and Philippine Airlines
Fiji Airways
United and Air New Zealand
Fiji Airways Qantas
American Alaska
United and Tap Air Portugal
Delta and Air France KLM
Air Tahiti Nui
Delta Air France
Delta and ANA
WestJet and Hainan
Alaska and British Airways
Air New Zealand and British Airways
Air New Zealand and Lufthansa
Alaska and Aeromar
Air China and Shenzhen
Delta and China Eastern
American and Singapore Airlines
American and Cathay Dragon
American and China Southern
Delta and Shanghai Airlines
United ANA
Virgin Atlantic and Alitalia
and British Airways and and American and Finnair
and United
Virgin Australia
ANA and Garuda Indonesia United
Air New Zealand and KLM
Virgin Atlantic and KLM
China Airlines and Philippine Airlines
JAL and ANA American
Fiji Airways Qantas and American
Air New Zealand and Tap Air Portugal
American and British Airways Finnair
American and Lufthansa
American and Hainan
Lufthansa and Air China United
Air Canada and
American and Korean Air
Air Canada and Cathay Pacific
American and Cathay Pacific Alaska
American and Asiana
American JAL
American and Alitalia
Delta Air France and KLM and Alitalia
American and Shanghai Airlines
American and China Eastern
American and British Airways Iberia
Delta KLM
Delta Virgin Atlantic
Delta KLM and Air France
and Air Canada and and United and
American and ANA
Alaska and Qantas
Boutique Air
American and Tap Air Portugal
Lufthansa and Tap Air Portugal
Air India and Austrian
IndiGo and Qatar Airways
British Airways and American
SWISS and United
Gulf Air
Air-India Express
AirAsia (India)
Vistara and Air France
Air Astana
and SriLankan
Air India and SAS
and Lufthansa
Lufthansa Air India
and LOT
United and American
AirAsia X and AirAsia
Malindo Air
IndiGo and Etihad
Cathay Pacific JAL
and Singapore Airlines
and JAL
Air India and Lufthansa
AirAsia X and Indonesia AirAsia
VietJet Air
AirAsia X
Malaysia Airlines
ANA and United
SWISS and Air Canada
Lufthansa and Air Canada
Air India and Air Canada
JAL and American
AirAsia X and Philippines AirAsia
ANA and Air Canada
British Airways and Air Canada
SWISS and Edelweiss Air
Korean Air and Air Canada
Air India and Virgin Australia
Cathay Pacific and Qantas
Lufthansa and United
Air India and United
Lufthansa and Eurowings
KLM and Delta
IndiGo and Turkish Airlines
Air India and British Airways
Air Canada and United
Air India and Tap Air Portugal
Alitalia and Tap Air Portugal
flydubai and Emirates
Vistara and United
British Airways and American Iberia
Thai Smile and THAI
Qatar Airways and British Airways
Vistara and Lufthansa
Thai Lion Air
Thai Smile
Vistara and JAL
Air India and ANA
Lufthansa Air Dolomiti Operated by Air Dolomiti
SWISS Operated by Helvetic
ANA and Hawaiian
Vistara and KLM
Air India and KLM
Air France and Delta
Air India and Etihad
Lufthansa and Eurowings United
Lufthansa and American
Cathay Pacific and American